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So, you’ve spruced up the exterior and created a great first impression by cleaning and updating the outside of your soon-to-be-listed home.  (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out my second post here!)

It is essential that buyers feel welcome the moment they walk into your home. This can be a balancing act of sorts, only because when they walk in they need to feel like it would be an easy home for ANYONE to come in and make their own, not how you’ve made it a perfect home for YOU and visitors. As a seller, you’re seeking the sweet spots that will speak to the average buyer who will, in one day, quite possibly be comparing vacant properties, well-lived in properties and over-the-top properties.  Because, trust me, they will see them all. Once you help your house to stand out as desirable, your buyers will not forget it.  For all the right reasons.

One of the first impressions to greet your buyers after entering your home is the overall aroma.  If you refer back to your notes from your friend’s honest walk-through assessment, you will know how your 2-stinky1448home smells to outsiders. This is important because your senses quickly become resistant to what might be considered unpleasant to those who don’t know you.  Do not take this personally! It all comes down to personal taste and, while I might not think my home has a distinctly feline smell, others will quickly be able to point it out.

What’s crucial is this: If your home does have a distinct odor stemming from cooking habits or pets, you must get to the root of the problem.  Masking the odor with candles, spray, plug-in devices or incense will not cover the odor and may be extremely off-putting to potential buyers, especially those with allergies or headaches triggered by strong smells.  Click below for a great post from real estate marketing professionals at CyberCletch about eliminating and not just masking odors: petsThough your odors may not be pet related, these are some great examples for eliminating distracting smells.

Transform Your Cluttered Closet into User-Friendly Closet!

Because we’re speaking today, about your foyer, I’m positive, I mean, absolutely positive that we will have to address the dreaded clutter issue, especially if the foyer is the main entry and exit point for you and yours.  It is a real showing buster when your potential buyers fnew+entryway9ind themselves tripping over shoes, stepping on backpacks, landing on umbrellas and any other paraphernalia that make it into the house but not into the designated storage.  Solutions like these are a great, quick and relatively inexpensive places to start. Be sure to use your space effectively.  Baskets can be a great solution for gathering and stowing clutter. 

Get a nice, neutral rug for buyers to use to wipe their feet upon entering.  Something neutral, like this will hide some dirt and will hold up well to visitors and pets, if you have either or both!

sisal rug   

Be sure the entryway is painted in a neutral color and free of personalization as much as possible, including names on walls and family pictures. Here’s a handy tool to keep around. Once you paint, be sure to add the leftovers to this little tool called the Rubbermaid Paint Buddy. Keep it handy to cover scuffs that will inevitably occur!

Be sure the area is well-lit.  If you have the room, add a small table with lamp, like this. Vefoyer table:lampry simple solution if the area seems to be dim.

FOYERS AND ENTRYWAYS:  They’re the first things to greet your buyers once they cross the threshold.  Don’t miss the opportunity to make them feel at home in their new home!

Stay tuned and Live Well!


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