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If you’re just joining us for the first time, you’ll find that we have made our way to the kitchen as we “stage our way” through our To-Do List.  To read about how we got to this part of our home selling journey, check out our earlier entries, “The Best Tool to MAKE MORE MONEY On the Sale of Your House,” “I’ve Got My To-Do List. Where Do I Start?” and “What Greets Your Buyers When They Walk in the Front Door?

Ready?  Here we go!

Aaahh, the kitchen; the heart of the home!  Or is it?  Will your buyers feel drawn in when they walk into the kitchen or feel the need to escape it?  Check your notes.  The most likely observations made in the average home will be something like, “disorganized,” “old” or “dirty.”  I know, I know.  If you had the perfect kitchen, maybe you’d want to stay instead of selling!  Don’t worry.  We’ll address things one at a time.

First things, first.  The words of the day are ORGANIZE and CLEAN and, at the top of our priority list is making sure that your kitchen gives your buyers the ability to see themselves baking, cooking and eating in this space. In most situations, it will be the place they will spend the most concentrated time with friends and family.

First let’s address the cleanliness of your kitchen. For the average seller, we don’t believe it’s necessary to mop your floor before every showing, but it’s extremely important that there is no noticeable dirt, or spills on the floor. We’re going to reveal to you

the best all-purpose cleaner that you might use in your kitchen.  Cleaning Vinegar!  It’s perfect for tile floors, stainless steel sinks and bathtubs. Check out this post from MakingLemonadeBlog.

How about your vinyl flooring?  Has it lost its luster?  Here’s a little trick with a product you probably haven’t used on your vinyl floors-Scrubbing Bubbles!

***Be sure to first test all these products on an inconspicuous area of your floor.

It’s essential that your appliances are clean and finger print free. Your buyers will inevitably open your oven door.  Take the time to clean it and the stove top, including drip pans, if you have them.  Check out these solutions from bloggers CouponingtoDisney, TheGardeningCook and MadeFromPinterest to get all the elements of your stove and oven into tip-top condition.  For

anything stainless steel in your kitchen, Weiman has great products, whether it’s your refrigerator, or other appliances. They even have a product to make your sink shine. Non-greasy and does the job quickly and economically!

It’s important that your granite counters GLEAM!  Here’s another post from sister bloggers MadeFromPinterest to help you easily clean that granite so easily and effectively, you’ll see your own reflection!

So now that things are clean, we need to be sure the entire kitchen is organized.  Sometimes this process can take much longer and be more painful than cleaning because it forces you to discard things that are unnecessary to the sale of your home and potentially items that you don’t need cluttering your life. Just remember, this is about selling your home for top dollar, so be willing to do thinks you wouldn’t normally do for the good of the cause!  De-cluttering is key to making your kitchen look and feel clean, big and welcoming. Emily, from LiveRenewed provides great instruction on how to remove everything from your counters, and I mean EVERYTHING and keep it that way.  Check it out HERE.

Organizing your pantry can be a great step because generally, when you start organizing your kitchen, the first place you’re going to take the items you absolutely have to keep is into the pantry! Check out’s great source for organizing your pantry.  Again, I’ll remind you, LESS IS MORE; less clutter=more appealing=more money, every time.  IHeartOrganizing shows you how organizing drawers in your kitchen will also help when buyers open your drawers to check how their things will fit.  Check that out here, on this blog post.

Before a showing, place a tasteful bouquet of fresh flowers or a bowl of fresh fruit in the center of the table, breakfast bar or center island. It’s amazing how it happens, but buying new towels and throw rugs can be an inexpensive mini-transformation. Another great, fresh update involves changing the kitchen cabinet hardware.

None of these ideas will cost you an arm and a leg and will, for minimal cost, make your home easier to show and, in the end a quicker sale for top dollar.

Stay tuned and live well.



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