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Spring is finally here!  On the minds of many homeowners is LAWN CARE!  We’ve  compiled a don’t do list of sorts, to help you kick off your lawn care season.  

  1. Do not use salt to melt ice in the winter. Once the snow melts, the salt will leach into the lawn and damage it, causing brown spots.
  2. Do not cut the grass too short or you will damage the root system. Only remove the top third or less of the blade.
  3. Do not bag the clippings—mulch them. Mulching clippings provides lawns with nourishment and shortens YOUR job remarkably!
  4. Do not cut a wet lawn. The moisture will bend the blades and give an uneven cut. Plus, a wet, freshly cut grass blade is more susceptible to disease.
  5. Do not mow with a dull blade. The cut results in a nutrient deficiency that will wreak havoc with your growing lawn. Sharpen your mower blade twice a year.
  6. Do not water or mow midday. Mowing in the heat of the day stresses your lawn and water just evaporates rather than nourishing grass in the heat of the day.


Excerpted from:  Perritano, John.  "10 Things You Should Never Do to Your Lawn"  10 March 2014. <>  09 March 2015.



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