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Perfect Front Porch Plans

Now is a perfect time to spruce up your front porch, so get the broom out, clear the cobwebs and create a welcoming space to greet guests.

  1. A perfect greeting will come in the form of a new welcome mat. Consider something with a chevron pattern or your monogram. Just be sure it’s meant for outdoor use.
  2. Give that front door a new, vibrant coat of paint. Choose from ANY color you know you’ll enjoy or use this handy guide to give you some direction. Reds, blues and greens tend to be the most popular. A high gloss sheen is best.  Be sure to treat your door just as you would any room you would paint by cutting in corners and crevices using a small bristle or foam brush.  Then roll each raised panel using a mini-foam roller.  After that, roll between each panel vertically and then horizontally, including the top and bottom edge of the door.  Lastly, roll the vertical edges of the door.
  3. Once you’ve painted the front door, be sure to update the hardware, if you haven’t done that recently. Try a fun and frugal option by using spray paint designed for metal.  Check your nearest home improvement store for more ideas.
  4. Think about upgrading your doorbell to something vintage-looking, in a pewter, possibly.
  5. Don’t have your mail delivered to your front porch?  Hang a vintage mail box anyway!  (Check out that honey bee doorbell!) It’s a great way to add a pop of color that matches or accents your new front door.  Its a perfect spot for delivery men to leave small packages during those nasty summer thunderstorms!

The idea is to make your front porch an extension of your home by brightening things up a bit.  Flowers are always a great way to add some color, as well as a wreath of wildflowers on the door.  Experiment a bit.

Stay tuned and live well.



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