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In today’s market, selling your home can be very stressful and time consuming.  It is important to know and understand the market as well as the actual process to selling your home.  Here are 3 facts that you must know before selling your home.


Realtor vs. For Sale By Owner!

  1. Selling Price: Owners sell almost $40k less.
  •  For Sale By Owner:
    • Average Home Sold – $174,900
  •  Realtor:
    • Average Home Sold – $215,000

2.  Time On Market:  Owners take 19 days longer to sale.

  • For Sale By Owner:
    • Average Days to Sale – 88
  • Realtor:
    • Average Days to Sale – 69

3.  Stress on Seller:  Owners have 70% more stress.

  • For Sale By Owner:
    • Biggest stress- Legal and Financing
  • Realtor:
    • Biggest stress- None. Experienced and Resourceful.


Excerpted from “Realtor vs. For Sale By Owner.” on, 6 Jan. 2016.
Photo excerpted from “Will Appealing to the Five Senses Help You Sell Your Home?”, Coldwell Banker Blog, on, 7 Jan. 2016.



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