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With spring right around the corner, it’s about time to start switching up your home style, to get out of the dark, moody colors (and not to mention the general mood) that comes with the winter months. There are a few small changes that can help get your home ready for the season, as well as how to store your seasonal items!


Whether you’re a duvet or comforter person, it is always important to change out your selection every season.  Heavier duvets and comforters are meant for the winter and cooler seasons but with spring right around the corner, it is time to switch up those items! Trade in for a neutral or lighter color quilt or duvet. You’ll be glad you did!

Before you store your duvet/comforter away, it is extremely important to wash it prior to storage. Wash on gentle cycle with mild detergent and make sure to let them dry fully before storage.  Place the comforter in a cotton bag or some type of breathable material to prevent mustiness.

pottery barn

You can find this beautiful Geo Quilt and Shams from

Candles and Frames

Candles and picture frames can be as seasonal as your wardrobe.  Swap out your cinnamon and wood scented candles from something lighter; like lavender, citrus, or sage. These candles will certainly help you create a spring atmosphere and help get you out of that cold funk!

Hopefully everyone already has their holiday decorations and picture frames stored.  If you’re anything like me, I have multiple frames that are not conducive for the spring season. Store those away and pull out your silver and lighter colored frames to add dimension and light to your home. Also, if you’re a mirror lover, spring is the perfect time to hang those mirrors throughout your home. They will help with the natural light as well as make your various rooms look larger.

To store these items, wrap each candle in cellophane, and store them in a dark, cool place. This help prevents warping and damage to the candle and/or frame.


This is one of our New favorite scented candles from


Swapping out those dark, heavy curtains for lighter, more sheer styles really change the look of an entire room.  Also, bringing in more natural light really opens up the space. The days will start being much longer which means more sunlight coming through. This will also help with heating and light costs.

When taking down your older curtains, vacuum and spot-clean them.  To prevent wrinkling, lay curtains over a hanger or lay them on a flat surface, folding minimally as possible.


These sheer curtains can be found at

Although these are minimal steps, they will make a large difference to your home and also help with that winter mood!


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