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Winter will be here before you know it and the best time to prepare your home is in the fall. Here is a quick and easy checklist for your home maintenance this fall.


-Rake leaves and move yard debris.  Also, start a compost pile for your soil come spring time.

-Drain oil and gas from your lawn equipment. Wash the equipment before it goes into storage.

-Aerate, fertilize, and reseed your lawn. This is the best time to do it in preparation for spring.

-Roll up hoses and insulate your outdoor faucets. Also, be sure to winterize your sprinkler system.



-Have your chimney cleaned and inspected.

-Inspect your roof and repair any loose or missing shingles. Also remove any branches from the roof.

-Clean your gutter and inspect your downspouts.

-Add weather stripping to your windows, if needed. It can prevent drafts and improve heating efficiency.



-Get your HVAC serviced.

-Replace your air filters.

-Insulate any exposed water pipes.

-Drain your hot water heater. Sediment can clog the pipes and this small task can improve it’s efficiency.


Excerpted from “Home Fall Maintenance.” 26, September 2016.



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